Apple Nutrition Facts

Apples are:

• fat free.

• saturated fat free.

• sodium free.

• cholesterol free.

• an excellent source of fibre.

Did You Know?

• The science of apple growing is called pomology.

• Apples are a member of the rose family.

• Apples were the favorite fruit of the ancient Greeks and Romans.

What the Nutrition Facts label doesn't tell you:

• Apples are a natural source of health-promoting phytonutrients, including plant-based antioxidants.

• Apples and apple juice are two important foods contributing the mineral boron to the diet, which may promote bone health.

• Apples contain natural fruit sugars, mostly in the form of fructose.

• Because of apples' high fibre content, the fruit's natural sugars are slowly released into the blood stream, helping maintain steady blood sugar levels.

Enjoy the Peel

• Whenever possible, don't peel that apple.

• Two-thirds of the fiber, and many of the antioxidants, are found in apple's peel.