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Apple Cider Vinegar


Singh orchards apple cider vinegar is unpasturized,unprocessed,with no water added and made with 100% pure organic apple juice,and with extra"Mother"prepared by Singh apple orchards(Himachal) with solar fermentation method and no additives. The apple cider vinegar you find in supermarket shelves usually contain filtered ones.the filtering process removes the vinegar "mother" and any sediment, leaving a clear, Amber - colored vinegar.additionally,it is likely that this vinegar has been pasteurized, which further refines and clarifies it. The ACV produced at Singh apple orchards will be cloudy,and you will find chunks/sediments of "mother" in it - these strands are rich in proteins, enzymes and gut friendly also has a more complex and better taste than supermarket ACV. There are several benefits of apple cider vinegar - aids in digestion,alkalizes the body and helps maintain body pH level, boosts immune system,aids in weight loss, helps build good gut bacteria and so on.

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